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My love for photography started out in my youth. This complex craft was just as fun then as it is today, but over the years the hobby has evolved into my profession through countless hours of study and work. I have been a professional photographer since 2011.

In the beginning I photographed mostly nature, intricate cultures, architecture and amazing people from countries such as South Africa, Cambodia, Switzerland, India, Hungary, Thailand, Romania, Taiwan, The Philippine Islands, Mexico, Canada and Italy.

After I became a mother of two beautiful daughters I discovered that I don't have to go far for the extraordinary. Photographing my children was just as rewarding, and more. That is when I realized that I want to do this for a living. When a person can live for her passion, that is what I call ultimate happiness. I love to capture people's true spirit and their great life moments.

Allow me to document your happiness.

Krisztina Beőthy

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