Who am I?

My name is Krisztina Beothy and I am a Calgary based photographer.

Since I was a young girl I was attracted to anything to do with film and photography, theatre, makeup, music and fashion and anything to do with creating things. Naturally like many kids back then and today, I dreamed of becoming a singer, dancer, model or actress. My mother advised me to focus on more achievable and realistic dreams like accounting for example. After high school I decided to study business since I wanted to become a successful and self sufficient woman. This path seamed to be a wise and sensible choice.

My love for the arts remained nevertheless and since photography was something that I was able to pursue while working regular 9-5 jobs, I kept improving purely out of joy and passion. I loved photographing the temples of Thailand, the streets of Taiwan, the children of Cambodia, the sea side in the Philippines, and the beautiful women in their saris in India. I loved photographing the whales on the West Cost of Canada and the statues in Italy and Hungary. I loved photographing the wild mountains of Transylvania and the zebras in Africa. I loved capturing cultures, people, architecture and anything to do with color, shapes and light. I see beauty all around me. Eventually I just decided to transform my hobby into a career, and I never looked back, establishing my photography business in 2011.

I have many artists in my family: painters, goldsmiths, musicians and sculptors and until I decided to dedicate my career to photography I felt like a black sheep. To be a creative person is the most natural thing for me and I feel that I am being true to myself.


Why do I do photography?

The biggest reason I love to take pictures is because I feel that I can capture the personality of people in a gentle, kind and authentic way. Nothing makes me happier in my work then when people love their photos. I particularly love it when people that believe they are not photogenic realize that it is a myth. I want to be known as the myth buster of all times of all negative self impressions that people believe about themselves. It is so much fun and so easy to work with people that are happy with themselves but I particularly love it when I can bring out the confidence in people that need a little booster.

I also realize that the photos that I take are meaningful on so many levels. I tell my children often :”Let me take your photo because when you will be old and you have your family surrounding you, they will want to know and see memories from your past. These photos will become more significant and valuable to you and your family as time goes by.” Of course now my children just think that I am a relentless paparazzi, but I know that they will thank me later.


What do I do in my free time?

In my personal life my most favorite thing in the world is just being with my husband and two kids hiking, biking or having dinners together, and watching movies. I am always busy either cooking up a storm for my family or going on long walks with my little white dog. I am also known to curl up with a tea on the couch and knit a scarf while watching a good interior design show on Netfix. I can't fall asleep unless I read a good book first. I am never bored and I love life and people. I love to travel the world and I love to study languages. I consider myself and eternal student of life.


Who are my inspirations?

I have so many I would need two pages to list them but one of my most favorite artists of all time is Annie Leibovitz. Often I look at a photograph taken by her and I recognize who took it before I read the credits. Her photographs have something so powerful and captivating that they draw you in and you cannot look away, you want to keep studying them. I also absolutely adore Sue Bryce's work, I learned so much through her workshops. She just brings out the beauty in every person she photographs. I continually love to learn from the great masters of photography. This is why photography will always be interesting and fun for me, because there is endless possibilities within this realm. The creative opportunities are infinite.


Throughout the years of pursuing photography I have learned to always follow my dreams and help others make theirs come true. It is my mission to make you look and feel marvelous. Have you had your portraits taken lately? I invite you to book your session today!




Contact Krisztina for details at 403-971-6266 or [email protected]